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Thursday, November 03, 2011

4th Annual Law and Society CrimProf Shadow Conference: Logistics and Nov. 12 deadline

The following is an email I sent out earlier on the CrimProf Listserv. 

Dear crimprof friends, 

The Law and Society conference will be taking place on June 5-8 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, HI, USA. Some background and the call for papers can be found here

For the last few years, we have used the LSA conference as a vehicle for hosting  a series of shadow gatherings. I'm excited to announce that Prof. Carissa Hessick (ASU) and I will do our best to organize another similar event. We plan on having both paper panels and book panels. The paper panels will cover a range of subjects so that you can get people working in your area to be on your panel and to read your work in progress. Past panels have covered topics such as: substantive criminal law, crim pro (investigation); crim pro (adjudication); punishment theory; race, class, gender and criminal justice; white collar issues; privacy and criminal law; national security and policing; etc.

We will do our best to match you up with other people working relatively closely in your area so that there are more synergies among panelists than would likely result if you were to submit a paper proposal directly to the LSA people. Not only will you get the synergy, but by participating in a paper panel, you'll receive the feedback of other panelists (since you'll circulate your draft a week in advance to the other panelists) and, concomitantly, you'll also be obligated to tender feedback to the other panelists. This is a great way to have more in-depth connections with scholars working in your area. 
In addition to conventional paper panels for works in progress, we are also open to organizing a few mini-workshops on book manuscripts that are nearly complete but still have time to make revisions post-conference before submission to the publisher.

 If you are working on a book manuscript and would like to have a few people give you feedback in advance of publication, let us know, and let us know who you might be interested in reading that manuscript and discussing it at LSA. If you're interested in an author-meets readers panel for an already published book, then you can let us know about that too, but I think we'll focus on works in progress than already published books, depending on demand.

In sum, if you're interested in participating in this shadow conference, there will be different opportunities for you to present your own work or serve as a discussant or moderator of book or paper panels. Please note LSA has a stringent  "number of participations allowed" policy.Generally you are limited to only ONE participation as a paper presenter OR a roundtable participant. If you plan on being involved with the shadow conference, you must let us know if you are contemplating any other participation with the LSA conference so we can make sure you won't jeopardize our panel formation efforts. We will assume that, unless you tell us otherwise, you are using your "one substantive participation" with us. But if you're slated for something else, but still want to be a moderator or discussant, let us know as we might be able to work that out.

By Nov. 12th, 
you must send Carissa (cc'd) and me:
a) an expression of interest that tells us what you'd like to do. paper panelist? book manuscript author? if so, on what subject (send us an abstract if possible)? can you also serve as  discussant or moderator? let us know.  (Please edit the subject of your email to read: LSA 2012 Crimprof Conference)
b) any limitations on the dates of your availability during the LSA. If we don't hear otherwise, we'll assume you're indifferent to the timing and day of the panel

Shortly after Nov. 12, we will get back to you all with a list of folks who will be your co-panelists. You'll have to each register with LSA but we will assign a panel organizer who will oversee the logistics and ensure things go smoothly. So, Carissa and I basically serve as matchmakers and we'll have a bit of a role in interfacing with LSA's Judy Rose to make sure the panels are going to occur roughly in the same room and not in conflict with each other.
Feel free to contact me and Carissa with any questions you might have in the interim. Last, please make sure all your crim colleagues know about this information by forwarding the link to them since not all of them are necessarily readers of Prawfs or on the crimprof listserv. 

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