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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Epps et al. on Freedom of the Press

Let me take a moment to plug a fine new book, Freedom of the Press, edited by Garrett Epps.  The book contains a selection of readings on freedom of the press, including historically significant writings such as Milton's Aereopagitica, Ben Franklin's An Apology for the Printers, and others; major cases on free press issues; and contemporary writers on the Free Press Clause, including Thomas Emerson, Robert Bork, Potter Stewart, and others.

I have a vested interest, albeit a non-pecuniary one, in promoting this book, as it reprints excerpts from my article on blogs and the Press Clause.  I'm grateful to Garrett for including me in such august company.  Nothwithstanding my inclusion, however, this is a very useful resource for anyone interested in the Press Clause.  And it makes an excellent stocking stuffer for your kids -- you can bet Sammy and Izzy will get one!       

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