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Friday, October 27, 2006

Research Canons: Comparative Law

Our next subject matter for the research canons project is Comparative Law.  (See here for a discussion of the research canons project.)  Please comment on the books and articles that are essential to a new academic in the field.

This is our last installment.  We'll have a wrap-up of the canons project next week.

Update: Patrick O'Donnell has contributed his extensive bibliography here.

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Thanks so much for adding this one!

My list includes the following, though I know there are other important source, and I really look forward to the comments of real experts in this field:

Harold J. Berman, Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition (1983);
Paul Brand, The Origins of the English Legal Profession (1992);
John P. Dawson, The Oracles of the Law (1968);
Charles Sumner Lobingier, The Continuity of Roman Law in the East, 4 Tulane L. Rev. 341 (1930);
Theodore F.T. Plucknett, A Concise History of the Common Law (5th ed. 1956);
Roscoe Pound, The Lawyer From Antiquity to Modern Times (1953);
O.F. Robinson et al., An Introduction to European Legal History (1985);
Peter Stein, Roman Law in European History (1999);
Zweigert & Kotz, An Introduction to Comparative Law (3rd ed., Tony Weir trans. 1998);
H Patrick Glenn, Legal Traditions of the World (2nd ed. 2004); and
Sir Basil Markesinis, Comparative Law in the Courtroom and the Classroom (Hart 2003).

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