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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eason on The Impact of Katrina on Tulane Law School

The indefatigable Paul Caron has posted a wonderful set of reflections from TaxPrawf John K. Eason on the impact of Katrina on Tulane Law School.  I highly recommend you take a minute to read it. Here's the money 'graph:

... I cannot help but to express a personal observation that flows from being here in New Orleans these last several months. Things formerly taken for granted now get noticed, processed, and internalized. I won’t bore you with my own contemplations, but I would urge those of you in academia to push back from your desk and think about the leadership your colleagues often display, the energy and creativity that your students bring to your work day, the fact that your daily efforts have an undeniable positive purpose, and the good fortune you enjoy simply because you have a job and know that you’ll still have it tomorrow – never mind that it’s probably the best job around. If the storm has affected us in any way down here, it’s taught us that those things matter, a lot.

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