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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dude, Don't Bogart That Position Paper

The LA Times has a story today (sorry, no link this time) about a new think tank with a twist -- it is staffed by college students and its journal, the Roosevelt Review, will be written by college students.  Says the new institution's executive director: "Every college student has an idea of great caliber or a late-night dorm conversation that produces something of excellence....There should be a repository for those great ideas that happen every day on our campuses."

Well, having some dim recollection of what those late-night college dorm flashes of insight are like when viewed in the cold light of day -- and the sources of those insights -- herewith I offer future titles from issues of the Roosevelt Review:

"Did You Ever Get That Feeling That Your Hands Are Suddenly Really Heavy?  And, Like, Disconnected From Your Brain And The Rest Of Your Body?  Weird."

"I Don't Know, Man.  We're Doing Some Good Things In Iraq.  But There's So Much, Like, Killing.  I Just Don't Know."

"Pizza Is Great Because It's, Like, More Than The Sum Of Its Parts."

"Martin Luther King Didn't Just Talk About Love, Man.  He Was Love.  And They Killed Him!"

"Whoever Invented Liquor Delivery Services Is A Freakin' Genius."

"I Just Had The Coolest Idea About How To Tie Together All Of 19th Century English Literature!  It's All About One Thing.  I Totally Can't Believe No One Got This Before." [title only; original idea lost after author woke up in the morning]

[archival article, recovered from late 1960s] "One Day, If I Give Up Drinking, I Could Be President.  Sweet!"

And, from the introduction to the symposium issue on empirical and sociological inspirations for student engagement in progressive policy analysis: "Man, I Am So Stoned Right Now."

Other titles welcome.

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The bottom of one thing is the top of something else.

Posted by: carol | Oct 9, 2005 8:22:30 PM

Ha ha ha ha ha...

Another entry, overheard recently:

"Paula Jones is dumb. Clinton is totally sexy."

Posted by: anon | Oct 9, 2005 11:16:42 PM

"They call 'em fingers, but ... I've never seen them fing! Oh wait, there they go."

Posted by: gst | Oct 10, 2005 12:00:33 PM

I always wished one of my profs would have come out and written on one of my papers, "I didn't actually read your work because I know that students just get stoned and drunk and party all the time and don't have anything to contribute. I usually pretend to care and say things like, 'The most common misconception would be that we know everything already. We teach not just because of what we already know, but because of our excitement about learning more' (http://www.swlaw.edu/reporter/aprmay05.htm#gtku). I thought it would be more demoralizing this time if I just straight-up made fun of you, so I decided I would cut the b.s. and acknowledge that frankly, I have never learned anything from a student and am the smartest person I know!"

Hope calling a bunch of college kids dumb made you feel really smart... For those interested in looking at what we have to say before making fun of it, have a look at:


Posted by: kai | Oct 27, 2005 9:32:33 PM

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