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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blogging about money

Daniel Solove spends his days figuring out how to better protect privacy on the Internet.

On the other side of the spectrum, some bloggers are doing all that they can to disseminate their private information on the net. From the New York Times story:

Mr. Wang, who lives in Columbia, Md., pared down his spending on groceries to just $53.98 for the entire month. He cut back on meals at restaurants and nights on the town with his girlfriend. He trimmed his utility bill by making sure the lights were off when he left his apartment. And despite an unexpected dental bill - $50 for the filling of a cavity in his right bottom molar - he managed to come in 28 percent under his monthly budget of $1,755. He put the extra $484.47 into his home-buying account.

How do we know all this? From his financial blog, an online document that manages to be confessional in tone without revealing all that much about his personal life. But it does tell more about his spending, savings and investment habits than many people know about their best friends'.

And how exactly do we contruct a system that protects online privacy as a default rule, but also has the flexibility to allow people to blog publicly about their bank accounts if they wish? That's a good question.

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