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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Instapundit and the ACLU

Here's one for the annals: Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit) made the comment that "demonizing the ACLU is silly" and noting that the ACLU continues to do important work. And in response, a number of rabidly anti-ACLU blogs are now engaging in mass delinking of Instapundit.

Well, I tend to think that the ACLU does a lot of good, too. I don't agree with everything they've ever done, but I'm very glad that they exist. And I think that InstaGlenn is spot-on in his assessment -- the recent trend among conservatives towards demonization of the ACLU is wrongheaded.

But what to do to show that agreement? Well, if the way that one shows disagreement in the blogosphere is by de-linking him, then I suppose that the way to show agreement is by . . . linking him! (How's that for analytical reasoning hard at work?)

We've already got a blogroll link to Instapundit on the sidebar. But just to make clear that the prawfs (or at the very least, this prawf) support his defense of the ACLU, here are a few other links to Instapundit:

Instapundit's collection of Katrina relief organization links (a very useful collection, by the way).

Instapundit making fun of people who de-link him over the ACLU: here and here.

Instapundit on the ACLU, earlier. (The de-linkers must not mave noticed it the first time).

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Kaimi, today I had to teach a section of the crim pro class regarding the ethics of defending alleged offenders, and one author (John Kaplan, I believe) wrote that lawyers are like proctologists; you're not sure why they do the work they do, but you're sure glad they do it. I wonder if you're similarly comparing Glenn to proctologists in this post :) Or maybe the ACLU to proctologists? Or Glenn to the ACLU. Boy, this analogical reasoning is tough!

Posted by: Dan Markel | Aug 31, 2005 10:26:57 PM

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