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Saturday, July 02, 2005


So MoveOn has a petition.  If you go here, you can send your Senator a message about SOC's retirement and what you are hoping for in her replacement.  It reads as follows:


TO: (Your senators)
FROM: (Your Name and Email)
SUBJECT: Protect our rights

Dear senator,

(Your personal note)

The Senate must stand up to President Bush and demand a Supreme Court nominee who will protect the rights and freedoms of the American people.

That's a very powerful message indeed.  Now, I very much appreciate MoveOn's effort to reach out beyond its vitriol to deliver a more general message--but isn't this a bit too general to mean anything?  I encourage you all to write your Senators, of course.  But do tell them which rights and freedoms matter most to you.  The Right has rights and freedoms that they care about as well.

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That's a fairly hollow statement given that the majority in Kelo was comprised solely of the Justices that the MoveOn folks like best.

It should be obvious that the Senate should demand a Justice who upholds the constitution, which is what I assume they mean; the conservatives who are lobbying are demanding the exact same thing. The problem is that MoveOn do not want a justice who will uphold what the constititution actually says - they want a justice who will uphold the rights that the MoveOn folks WANT to be in the Constitution, and who will not uphold the rights which they do NOT want to be in the constitution.

Posted by: Simon | Jul 2, 2005 9:28:15 PM

Wow. That's comical: it's a self-parody. I don't think you shared that statement with the intent to give people a laugh. But, again, wow, or should I say, LOL.

I thought the Left was the party of nuance and sophisticated arguments: http://volokh.com/posts/1120113493.shtml#5954

Posted by: Mike | Jul 2, 2005 10:29:33 PM

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