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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Another blog symposium

The folks over at Conglomerate are hosting a blog symposium to talk about Disney. And what a cast of characters they've assembled:

Sean Griffith of the University of Connecticut School of Law Larry Hamermesh of the Widener University School of Law Lyman Johnson of Washington & Lee University School of Law Larry Ribstein of the University of Illinois College of Law Hillary Sale of the University of Iowa College of Law David Skeel of the University of Pennsylvania Law School Lynn Stout of the UCLA School of Law

Sounds like fun! (And given Larry Ribstein's known penchant for writing about movies, I'm wondering whether he'll be briefly breaking away from the discussion of fiduciary duty to offer a review of Herbie, Fully Loaded).

And incidentally, wouldn't the Disney saga make a heck of a Disney movie? You'd have Keira Knightley Linsday Lohan whoever-the-eighteen-year-old-flavor-of-the-month-is, an intrepid young financial reporter learning to pronounce the phrase "fiduciary duty" as she covers the case (and uncovers key evidence, of course). You could have Geoffrey Rush as ______ the evil/incompetent executive/director (fill in the blank appropriately depending on your own view of the merits of the case), and Orlando Bloom as the young law clerk who uncovers crucial evidence in the case while falling in love with the beautiful young financial reporter. The suspense . . . the drama . . . the romance! I had better find an agent. Remember, you saw it here first. I suppose I'll have to start my "Best Original Screenplay" speech "I'd like to thank Dan Markel for his blog where I first posted this idea . . ."

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Kaimi, don't forget I take ten percent on the front and the back end of all deals! It's in the fine print!

Posted by: Dan Markel | Jul 20, 2005 12:34:17 AM

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