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Friday, June 03, 2005

Professor-Student Blogging at L&EN

While I'm on the subject of Gordon's blogs, I would be very remiss not to highlight the unusual structure of one of his blogs -- Law and Entrepreneurship News -- particularly because I think that that blog offers a unique and very exciting new model for professor-student collaboration. 

L&EN is a hybrid of sorts, part journal-like in character and part blog-like.  Wisconsin law students who want to participate are each assigned a category -- "Small Business" or "Venture Capital" or "Bankruptcy", for example.  So Nick Infusino is the Small Business editor, Marjorie Sterne is the Patents editor, Gerry Torres is the Tax editor, and so forth.  The categories are originally set up by Gordon, who supervises the blog.

From there, the blog is essentially turned over to the student editors, whose job is to post when they see a case or article that touches on their topic.  A Business Week article or two on small businesses?  Nick points them out in a post.  A recent case dealing with patent issues?  Marjorie posts about it.  And so forth. 

At the end of the semester, the blog itself has several months of frequent posts on a range of entrepreneurship-related topics.  And the student editors have become mini-experts of a sort on their topics, since they've been reading news articles and cases on their topics and blogging about them regularly. 

It seems like a great way to get students involved, and a very exciting method to foster student-professor collaboration.  It also may be the first new use of the unique strengths of blogging as a medium in the teaching of law.  (Prior to seeing Gordon's blog, I wasn't sure at all that blogging as a medium had anything to offer in student-professor interactions that other electronic media, like message boards, didn't already offer.) 

Having watched it in action, I'm now a big fan of Gordon's collaborative blogging model.  Once I get my feet under me as a professor, I fully intend to steal franchise :) Gordon's idea and set up something similar. 

L&EN is pretty close to brand-new, and I suspect that Gordon may tinker with the model slightly to work out any kinks that came up the first year.  I'll be keeping an eye out, because I think I've seen the future -- and it's called professor-student blogging.

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